Negri’s Empire and forms of resistance

A while ago I had written a little piece on Italian autonomist marxism and Negri’s theorising on the forms of global protest that had arisen since 1998. The autonomist project, emphasising practice over theorising and placing praxis as the central tenet before anything else within the rather drastic political turmoil of the 1970s in Italy, … [Read more…]

What is hitting Europe today is not only a self-induced clash of barbarisms, but rather extreme hypocrisy.

‘ Have you heard about Charlie Hebdo? Yes, the news is frenetic about it, and the information intoxication is all over the place’. Just imagine if anyone said anything like that concerning what happened a few days ago in Baga where a barbaric group, Boka Haram, assassinated more that 2000 people in cold blood. This number … [Read more…]

No more possible imaginary worlds?

Where do we stand today? The neoliberal dogma has established itself as the only possible world in today’s collective imaginary. So great is the strength of this hegemonic social order that it is as if the only possible solution to today’s economic, political, social and ecological problems is the need to install better, more efficient … [Read more…]

Welcome to Chaufa Marxista

Vivimos en un mundo patológico. Por un lado, la sociedad se entretiene con los espectáculos televisivos que favorecen la matanza, la carne, la sangre voraz de los des-poseídos banalizando sus historias y, por otro lado, la sociedad idolatra la vida distanciando la muerte hasta los limites mas voraces a la vez que se acerca con … [Read more…]