Gabo en Palestina

A critical space for Marxian, leftist, democratic and marginalised voices wishing to empower the creation of the public and the defend the commons. For the moment, I wish to express my own opinions and spread the word to other independent thinkers who would like to contribute to this blog. But perhaps the question everybody awaits is: Why this blog and who am I?

This blog is about critique, and critique implies pointing out how the world is not a free and equal place, but it also questions how to create a better place in this world and how to get out of the excrement of the daily alienation of capitalism. In a world where critique is sadly deflated, reduced to marginal voices, and experienced by many as a direct threat to their neoliberal framework of thought, critique today feels like the most radical thing to do. Therefore, the existence of a few critical voices represent, unfortunately, today a necessary impetus to break with capitals logic not only to accumulate immense fortunes and deathbeds on its way, but also fight out the ideology’s imperative to completely abolish free and independent thought. Lets hope to keep the critical attitude and a praxis nature alive.

I am a heterodox marxist seeking to find a more radical voice situated in Europe. I recently graduate in politics and specialised in globalisation and development. I hope to be useful for now. Ah! and I also like to write spanish poems, radical thoughts and articles once in a while (siganme abriendo caminos…)




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