Contra el gen elitista

En el contexto de una Europa en crisis, unas élites glotonas que cada año se van reduciendo a un numero ínfimo (véase el estudio de Oxfam), un sistema neoliberal que se reestructura buscando nuevos espacios de acumulación de capital (privatizaciones de la sanidad, la educación y la protección social que suponen el fin del estado … [Read more…]

Esperanza sin optimismo

Terry Eagleton Terry Eagleton Una crítica al libro de Terry Eagleton ‘Esperanza sin Optimismo’ Indicios sobre la Esperanza ¿Qué es la esperanza? ¿Está necesariamente ligada a la idea de un horizonte optimista de la humanidad y la utopía? Terry Eagleton desmenuza todos los argumentos, interpretaciones y dibuja un amplio abanico de maneras de abordar el … [Read more…]

Lo que aprendí en tres años de politología

Lo que aprendí en 3 años de politología de derechas: crisis económica (a secas y sin explicación; los mercados) -) crisis democrática (crisis de satisfacción de la democracia, claro esta, esta entidad cómo turismo del bipartidismo y el viejo sistema de partidos) -) ingobernabilidad (gracias querida tricontinental, ósea Huntington y otros politólogos que odian la … [Read more…]

The Being-Mode and becoming Free

Contrary to the having mode we find lots of traces of the being-mode where we can enrich conversations with others who are different to us in an open manner, feel love with others instead of having love or falling in love with someone, enjoying critical learning and knowing about things, and conceiving understanding as a … [Read more…]

The Ass Regime and its helpers Vol. II

Assess, more assess everywhere on television, in the street, on facebook, instagram, twitter, parties and our circle of friends. We have become to think about each other in terms of particularities, objects that are elevated to god-like unchangeable figures and the ‘Ass’ is one of them mainly objectified on the ‘second sex’. We have it … [Read more…]

Having in the Times of the Ass Regimes

We find the having mode in everyday experiences when switching on our TV sets, touching the keys of the command buttons of our remote controllers’ eternal ‘clicking’ sounds, watching the latest Youtube video, radio, technologies and just things, consumption of things everywhere including how we relate to people. Regarding sexual perversions, the bombardment of huge … [Read more…]

Just Park your Egos up your Arse!

Fromm, the Intellectuals and a short synopsis Erich Fromm is a clear writer that would put lots of continental philosophers on its feet. While many try to go beyond the diktatur of grammar and language, Fromm is capable of terminating a phrase without difficult turns, complex terminology and open phrases making it graspable to a … [Read more…]

The illusion of the Asian women worker

Wondering how gendered relations have changed with globalisation and full-blown neoliberalism? Well, here is an article about the ideas sorrounding the stereotypes of docile and productive cheap Asian women workers and their resistance to Transnational Corporations. ‘Cheap Woman’: The Prometheus of Neoliberal Development? In the following essay the feminine productive trope (Salzinger 2003) – the … [Read more…]